Planting a Seed for Growth

Growing a business to give back to our community is the goal at the top of our list at The Modern Retro Plaza.  We came to this town and began at the Git-A-Bite Cafe. Even then it was important to us how our establishment aided in the local area growth of our great town. 

     Our remodel of the cafe was supplied with materials purchased locally.  We constantly found ways to support the organizations and events.  With Modern Retro Plaza we have begun a quest to take giving back to the next level.

    While we still do all our same generous acts.  We have continued to strive to give the locals lines they would otherwise have to leave the area for.  Along this same notion we find that the new additions The Dawg House brings to the main street make for an exciting day on the town again.

    Everyone loves a trip down to the main street to browse all the shops for their unique gems.  But everyone knows that window shopping is not for everyone.  With The Dawg House everyone wins.  Entertain the short attention of any tag along with our lounge luxuries while the die hard shoppers peruse our shop and the many others Superior has to offer.

    Giving back is important and building our town back to the hometown pride with evening trips to spend an evening on the strip is the exact way to start.

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