Supporting Your Local Community

I entered the retail world full time at Superior's beloved Pamida.  At that time the slogan that the store took pride in was Hometown Value.  As a young scholar at that time I did not take much thought in what this slogan meant other than that we would unload truck loads of items that fit this criteria.  I later had the chance to work with the "buyers" of the Pamida company and learned that the power of the price point was only as strong as the buying power that these men and women had when searching for the items that our store would carry.

I as a business owner take this knowledge and transfer it to my business everyday.  When I am approached by a vender with the next new item that is coming, I take into account the numbers needed to bring the items to our clients at the best price.  This is when the client comes into the equation.  Supporting your local area ensures that the buying power stays where you need it most, right at home.  Every dollar that leaves your local community stops the growth of your town.  The strength of our community is only as great as the loyalty that we have for it.  

At The V and The Emporium we translate the support into savings.  To reward you for your continued support of our buying power we have loyalty programs that will never end because we know that our loyalty is only gained with the reward of great quality and great rewards.  Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing the growth of our local area come with the growth of the great relations we have with our clients. 

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