Since the dawn of civilization, vampires have hunted mortals for sustenance and haunted our nightmares. Called the uruku by ancient Sumerians, the Blood Moon Vampire Statue by Tom Wood depicts an ancient apex predator of the darkest night. Unlike the vampires of modernity, this creatures is almost more beast than man. Standing on a simple base of rocky ground, this pale skinned creature has great black wings that spread from its back and curl subtly around its body. It possesses a black tattoo across one side of its face and chest, and it wears armored sandals and cuffs, along with a black and red waist cloth. This monstrous statue is made from cold cast resin, which has been hand-painted in order to bring each and every subtle detail to life. - Resin - Approximately 2.25" high - Copper-toned - Make great desk buddies or bookshelf protectors!

Blood Moon Vampire by Tom Wood

  • It measures approximately 8.5 inches in height. A far cry from the modern vampire, the Blood Moon Vampire Statue by Tom Wood is never the less a detailed piece of fantasy inspired art, making this item a great gift idea or decor item.