The Gothic Angel Sitting on Skull Figurine is a very unique piece of fantasy art. The figurine depicts an old ancient ideology of a female angel coming to take those souls on to the after life. Western literature and lore stemming from the 15th century medieval period. They depicted death as a gruesome experience with a skeletal figure coming to take those forcibly to the after life. As these souls fought for dearly trying to cling to one more moment of life. Where as Egyptian, Greek, and Roman mythology have a male figure that rules the after life to allow entrance to those that have passed. The figurine follows the more gentle and kind depiction of death from some European belief systems. Where a female winged angel comes to guide souls to the after life. The Gothic Angel Sitting on Skull Figurine has amazing detail, and the perfect gift for the fantasy art collector in your life. Height: 14 3/4"

Gothic Angel Sitting on Skull